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Here I am. Always looking for inspiration.

Here's an interesting coincidence: The letters in P.W. Catanese can be rearranged to spell Want escape. And that's why people read books like these, isn't it?

My life is far less exciting than my books. I was born in New York, lived outside of Boston for a few years, then moved to Connecticut when I was seven.

I graduated from the University of Connecticut, and I live in a small town in the same state today. I am married with three grown children. I've always done creative stuff in my free time. I filled books with cartoon stories when I was a kid, made silly movies with friends from school, and drew a daily cartoon strip when I was in college. I still dabble in cartooning. These days, when I’m not writing books, I work for an advertising agency. When I have time for recreation, I like to get outdoors – hiking, bicycling, boating.

 I enjoy hearing from people. Seriously. You can e-mail me at pwcatanese@aol.com.