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They begin with your favorite fairy tales. And take them further.

Starting with The Thief and the Beanstalk, this was the inspiration: What if I wrote sequels to some of the world’s most beloved fairy tales? That’s what these books do. They tell the story of what happens many years after the traditional story ends. Young readers read them, grown-ups read them, and teachers use them in the classroom year after year.

If you didn't notice them on the home page, check out the amazing new covers for the newly re-packaged versions of The Thief and the Beanstalk and The Mirror's Tale. More than a decade after they were first published, these books continue to charm new readers every year.

The Thief and the Beanstalk

Long ago, a boy climbed a beanstalk and came down a thief. Now a young thief will climb to that strange land in the clouds... and what will he be when he comes down?

“Catanese's first Further Tale is a rollicking adventure meshed with complex characters and an intriguing spin on a familiar tale...Vivid descriptions, especially of the giants and the enormity of the castle, bring the setting to life...Important themes of good and evil, sacrifice and personal worth, and guilt are addressed appropriately with a sensitive hand, shedding new light on a well-known story.” –VOYA

 “First-time novelist Catanese smartly plumbs this well-known story for all its moral ambiguity…this is the rare fairy tale variant that will appeal to boys--not a princess nor romance in sight--and the plot brims with perilous battles, narrow escapes and truly icky elements (e.g., the nightmarish creatures with spider bodies and human heads that trail Nick through the giant's castle). Fans of Tim Burton's movies will enjoy this.” - Publishers Weekly

“A fast-paced, accessible entry in the burgeoning genre of novels based on fairy tales…clearly written and exciting. It will appeal to reluctant readers with its highly visual descriptions and will also make a successful read-aloud.” - School Library Journal

The Brave Apprentice

When an army of trolls marches toward the heart of the kingdom, it’s up to a clever tailor's apprentice to discover the way to defeat them.

“With brains, luck, and the help of a charming fool, Patch sets out to do the impossible. A charming riff on The Brave Little Tailor, this is neither a spoof nor a retelling, just straightforward adventure in a land of magic and enchantment.” – KLIATT

“The quick pace moves from one action-packed scene to another... Patch's awkwardness and lack of self-confidence make him all the more likable as he seeks to defeat the trolls and prove himself.”


The Eye of the Warlock

Forty years after the frightening adventure of Hansel and Gretel, their young cousin discovers a much deadlier enemy deep in the forest.

"This is the wonderful continuation of the classic fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. With the occasional witty use of figurative language, Catanese does a great job creating his own believable world rooted within a classic. This is a great middle to high school read, as it shows a wonderful emotional journey and character growth." - Children's Literature (at Barnes and Noble)



The Mirror’s Tale

Long after the death of Snow White, one of her descendents stumbles on the lost magic mirror... and is soon in the grip of its corrupting spell. 

“In this accessible entry in the series, Catanese imagines events many years after "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" ends … Buy where there is a demand for fast-paced, easily read adventure fantasy.” – School Library Journal

“In a time of kingdoms, barons, and knights, two twins, Bertram and William, cause their parents much trouble. In a last-ditch effort to discipline the twin boys, Baron Charmaigne decides to separate them for the summer. William will go visit his uncle and Bertram will stay behind; but the twins decide to fool the parents and switch places. This switch proves more fortunate for the kingdom than they both realize--here is where the tale becomes very compelling. This story would appeal to middle school students either read aloud or read as a twist on the popular fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The story moves quickly and one does not need to have a strong history background to appreciate the rivalry between the brothers or the knowledge that having one's greatest desire can bring large risks and challenges.” – Children’s Literature 

The Riddle of the Gnome

A boy cursed to bring bad luck to anyone who comes near lives a sad and solitary life. One day a foul-tempered gnome promises to end his curse...but only if the boy accompanies him on a harrowing, adventure that involves marauding armies, ancient curses, a monster too horrible to behold, and surprising answers to old mysteries.

"With some neat twists and plot turns, this takes ole' 'Rumpelstiltskin' to a new level. Give this to those who enjoyed Ella Enchanted..." – KLIATT